December 15, 2010

TalkingWithHeroes Returns from another trip with our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

In April/May of 2010 I made my first trip over to Afghanistan in Nuristan Province with Ft Carsons 4BCT 4ID. You can watch all the interviews and missions we went on with them on our youtube page

In Aug/September 2010 we made our fourth trip over to Iraq and second over to Afghanistan.

In Iraq we were with Ft Bennings 3HBCT 3ID in Kalsu, Iraq. We were with Ft Carsons 3BCT 4ID in COB Adder and mostly in Garry Owen, Iraq. We were also back again with North Dakota National Guard soldiers and other National Guard soldiers in Basra, Iraq.

As with our previous trips to Iraq our focus was and will continue to be in the future giving our troops a way to share their mostly unheard progress and positive stories while they are still there boots on the ground.

After I left Basra I headed back over to Afghanistan. I did some interviews in Bagram with another North Dakota National Guard Unit and with leaders of the Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team in Panjshir Province, Afganistan. I then spent time with Kentucky National Guard, Air Force personnel, State Department Officials both at FOB Lion and also on missions where we filmed and heard from local Afghanistan people.

All of these interviews, missions and footage are on and on our facebook page

In early January 2011 I will conduct a national telephone conference call with 100 or more key people across America. We will announce a new way to get our troops stories out to millions of Americans that will also be a unique and simple fund raiser.

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