December 15, 2010

TalkingWithHeroes Returns from another trip with our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

In April/May of 2010 I made my first trip over to Afghanistan in Nuristan Province with Ft Carsons 4BCT 4ID. You can watch all the interviews and missions we went on with them on our youtube page

In Aug/September 2010 we made our fourth trip over to Iraq and second over to Afghanistan.

In Iraq we were with Ft Bennings 3HBCT 3ID in Kalsu, Iraq. We were with Ft Carsons 3BCT 4ID in COB Adder and mostly in Garry Owen, Iraq. We were also back again with North Dakota National Guard soldiers and other National Guard soldiers in Basra, Iraq.

As with our previous trips to Iraq our focus was and will continue to be in the future giving our troops a way to share their mostly unheard progress and positive stories while they are still there boots on the ground.

After I left Basra I headed back over to Afghanistan. I did some interviews in Bagram with another North Dakota National Guard Unit and with leaders of the Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team in Panjshir Province, Afganistan. I then spent time with Kentucky National Guard, Air Force personnel, State Department Officials both at FOB Lion and also on missions where we filmed and heard from local Afghanistan people.

All of these interviews, missions and footage are on and on our facebook page

In early January 2011 I will conduct a national telephone conference call with 100 or more key people across America. We will announce a new way to get our troops stories out to millions of Americans that will also be a unique and simple fund raiser.

For more info go to
email: bob@talkingwithheroes.colm

March 13, 2009

TalkingwithHeroes Launches our Upgraded and NEW News Site for our Troops Stories, Support and Veterans Groups, Veterans

Please Read this Announcement and Send it out to Everybody You can!

TalkingWithHeroes.Com Talk Show Launches

ThankYouForYourService.US gives our troops a way to report their otherwise current untold stories directly from Iraq and Afghanistan to be read by all Americans.

ThankYouForYourService.US will share issues related to our wounded, those with PTSD, and TBI. Military Support and Veterans Groups can talk about what they do to support our troops and their families, from sending out care packages and letters to those deployed, to helping Gold Star Families, the Wounded, and the Families back home.

ThankYouForYourService.US is available on the internet so that all Americans and people around the world can read each issue on their computers at their convenience.

To Read Our News Release Go to CLICK HERE For Our News Release on

Listen to our next two Live Talk Show Programs:

March 15, 2009 5:00pm (PST)
TalkingwithHeroes on will Feature Anthony Pace and Freedom Hunters Listen to what they are doing taking wounded and other troops on hunts to thank them for their service.

March 22, 2009 5:00pm (PST)
TalkingwithHeroes on will discuss ThankYouForYourService.US with Alan Gray owner of and the owner of that made ThankYouForYourService.US possible.

More info and pictures on these programs are at:

We invite You to read and to subscribe to
Please pass this email on to as many people as possible.
Thank you,
Bob Calvert, Host Audio of interviews from Iraq and more Channel 4 Videos from Iraq and Live Events

February 22, 2009

Updates on Upcoming TalkingwithHeroes Programs - February-March 2009

The most exciting news I have this month is that my son-n-law came home last week from his second deployment. This one was a 15 month deployment in Mosul, Iraq along with over 3,000 other soldiers with 3BCT at Ft Carson and soldiers from Ft Hood.

Some of you reding this have loved ones who are now home too. We will keep those soldiers who still serve in Iraq and Afghanistan in our Prayers


All three have previously aired but one was on Super Bowl Sunday and the other Pro Bowl Sunday.

These organizations are doing important work for our troops and their families and we wanted to be sure that their messages get out to the maximum number of people.

Feb 22, 2009 5(PM)
Listen at

On this program we announce New Programs with and We also Introduce a group of Independent VEMMA Distributors who have become Talking with Heroes Sponsors. Listen Why!!

We are gathering testimonies on VEMMA's Energy Drink called VERVE from soldiers who have been using it in Iraq. These products are great to add to care packages and also can be a great fund raiser for all support groups. I have been impressed using the product and everybody I know who has started drinking VERVE is impressed by the natural energy lift and no crash after.

To listen to this program 24 hours a day and 7 days a week go to: Episode 93

March 1, 2009 5(PM)
Listen at

Listen to The Latest with the Okun Family with

Thanking America's Troops and Their Families with the Gift of Education. Guests include: Bob and his daughter Kelsi Okun, Major Gen. Jack Catton, USAF (Ret.), Jennie Laurent and Maria Botelho - both ThanksUSA Scholarship recipients, and Rich Taylor Senior Vice President of Communications & Research for the Entertainment Software Association (ESA)

More Details on the guests can be seen at:

To listen to this program 24 hours a day and 7 days a week go to: Episode 94

March 8, 2009 5(PM)
Listen at

Listen to the great work happening with with the group Supporting our military service members, veterans, and their beloved pets to ensure the pets are reunited with their owners following deployment or emergency hardship.

Guests include: Linda Spurlin-Dominik, Major Randall Baucom (His two dogs were in foster care while he was deployed thanks to Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pet), Sally White, Jamie Shively, Pat Lozier

More Details on the guests can be seen at:

To listen to this program 24 hours a day and 7 days a week go to: Episode 95


1. We have been asked to do a talk show at an event with 3,000 soldiers at Ft Benning for mid April. It is a Military Appreciation Event. I have talked with the PAO there since mid last year about doing interviews with some of their recently returned soldiers from Iraq so that they can share their progress stories.

2. We are also wanting to do at least a two hour event here in Colorado Springs with some of the just returned soldiers with the 3BCT who did an incredible job for 15 months in Baghdad and Mosul, Iraq. We also would have key leaders in the community on that program to state their thanks for these thousands of soldiers and their families. This event would happen shortly after they are all back from their 30 days leaves.

3. There was discussion late last year about us doing a talk show with a SoldiersAngels Group near Atlanta. We just found out that a Museum of Patriotism in Atlanta has said we can have their Venue to do this talk show event.

Other programs would happen in Atlanta around the same time including something similar at Atlanta Airport with the USO that we did in Dallas with the USO in 2007 covering how they welcome our troops home. These events would happen sometime late April.

4. We will film the Walter Reed Army Medical Center 100th Year Anniversary Event on May 9th. We will take the entire event and put it on the internet for everybody to watch 24/7.

We are seeking sponsors to cover the costs of these Talk Show Events pkus for our 4th trip to Iraq and 1st to Afghanistan for later this year. For the sponsors the visibility will be great and long term!


As many of you know everything we did for the past 3+ years including our three trips to Iraq and events that we did around the country all happened as a result of sponsors.

We are looking for people who can help us find sponsors for all of these events. Those who can help would also benefit from the sponsorship dollars raised. If you would be interested in helping and getting more involved in Talking with Heroes please email me at:

Talking with Heroes keeps growing as a result of many of You and our listeners telling other people about these programs.

Please pass this information on to everybody you can.

Thank You
Bob Calvert, Host - Audio of third trip to Iraq and more Channel 4... Videos from our third Iraq Trip, Veterans, and Live Events

January 3, 2009

Watch Interviews and Footage inside Walter Reed and More - Happy New Year 2009


To Our MySpace Friends

To those of you Serving our Country
Thank You for Your Service

To All Troops who have returned
From one or more Deployments
To all those returning in 2009

To all Family Members
Thank You for Your Service

To those of you who do what you can to
Support Our Troops, Their Families,
The Wounded, Gold Star Families
Thank you for what you do!

You are all an inspiration to me/us and
Part of what keeps us going in 2009 with our
www.TalkingwithHeroes.Com Mission

Like many I am setting New Years Resolutions for 2009

I have added 2009 ANNOUNCEMENTS On Our Site
To check out our Plans for 2009 go to:

Most of the recent interviews we did in DC at the
Soldiers Angels Troop Support Event
Inside Walter Reed Army Medical Center
In NYC with our Wounded at the Microsoft/USO A Salute to Our Troops
CAN NOW BE WATCHED 24/7 at Channel 4

Together we will find ways to do even more in 2009

Happy 2009
Bob Calvert, Host
www.TalkingwithHeroes.Com channel 4

December 14, 2008

Helping Our Troops and Families Even More in 2009!

For thousands of families like myself and my daughter and her Husbands Family we are closer to seeing our loved ones come back from 12-15 month deployments in Iraq or Afghanistan. In our case my son-n-law has served with the 1-8 out of Ft Carson on his second deployment. Early 2009 we will see him as he arrives here at Colorado Springs airport.

Many families across America are seeing their loved ones come home before the holidays and many like us will see them come home after. They have all been doing a great job over there helping the people of these historical countries regain their freedoms, their safety for their families and their country.

I was supposed to go back over and embed with them the end of 2008 but we were not successful to raise the funds this time. However, our troops deserve to have a forum where they can share their mostly untold progress stories. Even though we won't be there with them this time we have a Plan B that we are sharing with them.

30 days after they return from their leaves we are offering to come out to their bases and set down with them so that they can share their progress stories with YOU and all of America. This will most likely start taking place late February and throughout March. So stay tuned and in 2009 we will all hear what thousands of our troops have been doing over the pat 12-15 months that they have been away from their families.

The following are end of the year announcements with three new links on our website:

1. About Us 2005-2008 And Now 2009

This new link from our home page gives an overview of our last three years with an emaphasis on 2008. It also outlines some of our current plans for 2009. To Read this page go to the category box on the left side of home page and click on the link.

2. FALL 2009 - Iraq and Afghanistan

This new link from our home page outlines about our Fall 2009 Trip to embed again with our troops. We have commitments to help make this next trip happen. Other commitments will be posted on this page as they come in over the next six months. To Read this page go to the category box on the left side of home page and click on the link.


We have added a first of its kind Survey link from our home page. We request that You take a few moments and fill it out. Having your feedback will help us do even more in 2009.

4. Suggested Hannukah, Christmas, New Year Present

Perhaps you know somebody who would like to be taken right into a Childrens Hospital in Baghdad, onto the site of a new Iraqi Water Treatment Plant, into an Iraqi School with the Principal, on a convoy with our troops as we drive through Baghdad, with some of our Chaplains as they talk about their in the military ministry, as we talk with North Dakota National Guard and Ft Carson soldiers, with US Army Corps of Engineers on the progress stories most people in America do not hear much about.

Order one or more of our 9 Two Hour DVDs from our last trip to Iraq. These could be a great Christmas Present for somebody you know. To Check them out and order go to the 3rd Iraq DVD Icon on the right side of our home page

We can ship your order directly to who you are purchasing it for and let them know it came from you. You will also be helping us work through big challenges this month.

5. New Talk Show at Peyton (Colorado) High Schhool 9th Annual Veterans Breakfast

December 11, 2008 I had the joy of broadcasting a one hour Veterans Breakfast Event with students, teachers and veterans at the Peyton Colorado High School. Wait till you hear from the students .. from our young people... and some veterans.

For Details and how to liste 24/7 go to:

Soon everybody will also be able to watch this moving event on channel 4.

6. A Call for Help from a Military Wife/Mom leads to Helping their family and more

About a month ago I received an email forwarded to me by Louise Downs from Desert Angels Support Group in Michigan. It was an email from a military wife and mom of four young children who lives in Fountain, Colorado not too far from me here in Colorado Springs. Her husband has been deployed in Mosul where my son n law has been with Ft Carson soldiers. Here is her email:

Bob, I am in need of help for Christmas for my children. My 5 year old auitstic son has been through 2 brain surgeries and a spinal lumbar drain put in place. He had a 6cm tumor that was causing several promblems. We have 4 children and my husband is presently in Iraq till March. I have to travel to Denver Children's hospital several times a month. This has caused a severe hardship on us financially considering my husband is only an E3. I just want my kids to have some type of holiday since they won't have their father here. My son still has a lot to go through. He will be seeing an infectious disease specialist, a geneticist, and a neurosurgeon. He also sees his pediatrician probably at least twice a week. My kids are 16yr old girl, 14yr old boy, 6yr old girl and my 5yr old son. They don't ask for much but, I do want them to have something. Anything that you can do or find out for me would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to pass on my information to anybody. Andrea

Unfortunately Andrea's email is similar to what many other military families with children are experiencing across America and many other American Families.

One of the blessings I had had over the past three years is that I get to meet and work with many Americans who find ways to help our troops and their families. This includes many Military Support groups, veterans groups, organizations and companies who you can learn about on our talk show pages who are helping our troops and their families in so many ways.

I immediately sent Andrea's email to some support groups and friends. So far Andreas has gotten positive responses from, from my friend Matt at New Life Church where a family felt led to adopt Andrea's family, from Kit at in Denver area plus Mark at Operation Troop Aid suggested I go to a website It turns out that Mike who started this site works for many years for Rhode Island Novelty. Mike and the owner Bob sent three boxes of toys, stuffed toys and novelties to Andrea's family. There was so much that Andrea told me that she would be sharing them with other military families with children here who are also struggling. And there is more..:)

Mike and Bob also sent 6 boxes to me for me to give toys out here to other military families and families in need. This weekend the management at the clubhouse where I live near Ft Carson let me put all those toys in the clubhouse so that military and other families with children in need can come and take home what they want. It was amazing to watch as the families came some with their children and all these toys went home with happy families.

What I have taken away from all of this is yes we may have challenges as this 3 year mission to help our troops continues on but we are blessed to be able to help many people and in 2009 God will provide.

I will keep living in Faith and do even more this next year to help our troops, their families, the wounded, troops with PTSD and TBI and military and veterans groups all across America who are also doing as we in America have a tradition of doing... helping our fellow Americans.

Blessings and a Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Bob Calvert, Host Channel 4 Watch Videos from Iraq, Walter Reed and More - Audio of third trip to Iraq programs

November 14, 2008

TalkingWithHeroes At Walter Reed, Hard Rock Cafe and More!

November 13, 2008 Talking With Heroes Newsletter

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Interviews
We are excited to share with you the results of our recent trip to Washington, DC and to New York City to honor our Wounded Warriors and More.

Bob Calvert host of TalkingwithHeroes and Alan Gray with were invited by to be with them at a Non Partisan Troop Support Event in DC.

We were privileged to interview many great Americans and especially honored to film and do interviews at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for about 4 hours. You will be surprised by what you will see and hear at Walter Reed.
Microsoft/USO Salute To Our Troops

Thanks to SoldiersAngels we were also in New York City with Microsoft and USO at their incredible Microsoft/USO A Salute To Our Troops Event filming and doing interviews there too.

We interviewed some of the wounded from Walter Reed and Bethesda on the Amtrak Train from DC to NYC.

We filmed and did interviews at the Hard Rock Cafe Event for the wounded including with Microsoft Executives, USO, Entertainer Carmen Electra, Sportcaster James Brown, MISS TEEN USA Stevi Perri, Retired NY Jets Football player Dave Herman, Singer and Marine Veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan Stephen Coc ran and many others. You will be uplifted by the amazing positive attitudes of the wounded.Stardust Radio

All of these programs air on our regular Sunday night programs on and as soon as all the audio files are completed they will go on our TalkShoe.Com page for you to listen to 24/7. Also, see exclusive Video on Channel 4.

ALL of these programs are now listed on our Talk Show Schedule Page. You can see who we interviewed, where we were and also see lots of pictures.

There are four Programs now on audio from DC that can be listened to 24/7.
TO LISTEN: Episodes 80, 82, 83, and 84

Free Food Franchise for Disabled Veterans

On Sunday Nov 16th at 5pm PST on stardustradio you can hear Carmella LaSpada Executive Director of, Ricky Lee at debuts his new song written for homeless vets, SFC Steve Jaksec, Iraq Veteran, and Peter Weed founder of US Hero's Franchise offering Disabled Veterans who qualify Free Franchises.

Franchises are also available nationwide for those who would like to own a great business.

TO LISTEN NOW GO TO: Episodes 80

November 23rd 5:00pm (PST) from Washington, DC - Listen to the Speakers at the White House Commission's Annual A Time of Remembrance Event - Keynote Speaker Ross Perot, Carmella LaSpada, General McCaffrey, Air Force Band and much more!

To Learn more about the Washington, DC and New York City events go to our Talk Show Schedule Page

It is amazing to meet such great Americans. Check out their bios.

Limited Offer

If you want to Show Your Support for these Events, we can give you high visibility for what you do, with sponsorship opportunities available for these programs for a limited time. For each $100 you will be thanked on the talk show page of your choice and you will be thanked on the Credits on the Video Program of your choice that will go on

These opportunities will be available until the programs are all processed which will be over the next few days. If you are not already a sponsor you will also be listed as a sponsor on our site for a year.

The stories shared by those we interviewed are incredible.Please Tell Your FriendsPlease pass this information on to everybody you can so that they too can have an opportunity to listen and watch. A final news release will go out within the next two weeks announcing that all the videos and audios are online for you to watch and hear anytime.

Thank You

Bob Calvert, Host - Audio of third trip to Iraq programs and more Channel 4... Videos from Iraq Trip and More

May 7, 2008

April 1, 2008 Talking With Heroes Overview

Talking with Heroes Talk Show gives military personnel an opportunity to share their mostly untold stories about the positive work they do worldwide. Guests also include leaders from military support and veterans groups, ministries, companies, entertainers and others who help support our troops and their families. The program is not about politics. We broadcast Sunday Nights on the StardustRadio.Com Internet network at 7pm CST.

On Our First Tour to Iraq our brave men and women talked about what they do to help the people in Iraq. We were at the grand opening of a school that opened because of over 10 months of hard work by theMinnesota National Guard and help from families back home. We were with Military Transition Teams and the Iraqi Army. We witnessed progress made with training. Some shared how faith and prayer helped with their deployments.

We went back to Iraq On Our Second Tour January 2007. Jim Martin, CEO of Altitude Sports and Entertainment Cable Network did the filming. We interviewed military personnel from the Air Force, Marine Corps, Minnesota National Guard, an Iraqi Air Force General and other Iraqis. We lived in Rawah, Iraq with our Marines and Iraqi Police. The training is working and effective.

Talking with Heroes went On the Road Tour in 2007 with live broadcasts in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Woodbury, Minnesota, Lexington, Kentucky, Colorado Springs, Garden Grove, Calif., San Antonio and Abilene, St Louis, MO, NYC with Microsoft and USO and Columbus, GA by Ft Benning. We interviewed local military heroes and local support groups that are leading the way in support for our military and their families.

We went back to Iraq Aug and Sept 2007, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, North Dakota National Guard in Baghdad, visited a Children Hospital, went to the Baghdad Airport, and visited buildings under construction in Baghdad. We visited a new Water Treatment Plant and interviewed Iraqis near Falluja. We were in Eastern Baghdad with the 2ID/2BCT from Ft Carson in Colorado Springs. We went on convoys and heard more about progress. We were with Marines in Camp Al Taqaddum in the Anbar Province. We met again with the Principal with the Marines in Habbaniyu Tourist Village near Camp Al Taqaddum and taped his progress report.

These are all on audio on the Internet, on Altitude Sports and Entertainment Cable TV and also on DVD’s. The talk show schedule pages for the interviews from Iraq, with pictures are at: Click on the small pictures to see more.

We offer high visibility on the talk show and on the website for those who help by becoming a sponsor from $25 to $100 and $500 and more. Sponsors have made the trips to Iraq and programs around the country possible. Check out our sponsor’s listings and also how to become a sponsor. We are seeking new sponsors so that we can make our fourth trip to Iraq and first to Afghanistan.

The American people can now hear many untold stories directly from our military personnel, civilians and Iraqis that there is in fact progress happening in Iraq. There are still criminals doing bad things but there is also a lot of progress. We believe the American people have a right to hear these stories. We invite everybody to help us get the word out to other Americans!

For more information contact Host Bob Calvert