December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Here is to all of our military personnel to be safe in 2007. Thank you for your service! And also thanks to all the families.

Thank you also to all the military support and veterans groups and to all the individuals who are volunteers who do so much to support our troops.

Happy New Year to All!

Please keep us in your prayers as we go back early 2007 to do more interviews overseas.

Bob Calvert

November 30, 2006

Going Back To Iraq!

Hello Everybody
I received a call today from the CEO of a company. We will be meeting next week. He will be going with me on the next two week trip to Iraq sometime in January. This is a huge development for our project. As soon as I get the green light to let everybody know who he is I will send out a newsletter and post it here too.
To be on our newsletter go to our home page
And add your email address into our email newsletter. Don't forget to watch for the autoresponder to let the system so you can acknowledge your request.
The Cable Talk Shows from Iraq start airing Dec 2nd. All the cities in 10 states are posted on the Talking with Heroes Website. Help us get the word out!!
Bob Calvert, Host

October 31, 2006

Hello Everybody

Hello Everybody
Patti Bader, Founder of set up this BLOG for us.
I would like to keep this blog focused on the interviews we do on the Talking with Heroes Talk Show. The talk show is not about politics but about giving our men and women an opportunity to share their mostly untold stories of helping people in the areas in which they serve. I would appreciate if we could keep this blog with the same focus.
Let us know what you think of the talk shows we did in Iraq after you listen to one or more of them.
Thank You
Bob Calvert, HOST