March 3, 2007

March 1, 2007 Update from Talking with Heroes

Hello Everybody
Our Second Iraq Tour Interviews are now all on the Talking with Heroes website. Those which have aired on the internet are in our past shows/archives section and those coming up on our future Sunday night air dates are in the Talk Show Schedule section.

Also for those in Colorado And in 9 other states in the area and for those with sports packages on Dish Network or DirectTV..... edited versions of the second Iraq Tour interviews are now being seen on Altitude Sports and Entertainment Cable Network. Check the talking with heroes website under TV SCHEDULES section or look in your tv guide for Talking with Heroes. You can watch and hear what our men and women in Iraq said along with Iraqis and convoys.

We have been asked to come back a third time. As soon as we have the sponsors to cover the cost we will do just that and bring back to America even more documention of how the training of the Iraqis has progressed and more about our brave men and women serving there.

We are looking for sponsors... small and large. All add up to help us!

Thank you
Bob Calvert, Host

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