March 13, 2009

TalkingwithHeroes Launches our Upgraded and NEW News Site for our Troops Stories, Support and Veterans Groups, Veterans

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TalkingWithHeroes.Com Talk Show Launches

ThankYouForYourService.US gives our troops a way to report their otherwise current untold stories directly from Iraq and Afghanistan to be read by all Americans.

ThankYouForYourService.US will share issues related to our wounded, those with PTSD, and TBI. Military Support and Veterans Groups can talk about what they do to support our troops and their families, from sending out care packages and letters to those deployed, to helping Gold Star Families, the Wounded, and the Families back home.

ThankYouForYourService.US is available on the internet so that all Americans and people around the world can read each issue on their computers at their convenience.

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Listen to our next two Live Talk Show Programs:

March 15, 2009 5:00pm (PST)
TalkingwithHeroes on will Feature Anthony Pace and Freedom Hunters Listen to what they are doing taking wounded and other troops on hunts to thank them for their service.

March 22, 2009 5:00pm (PST)
TalkingwithHeroes on will discuss ThankYouForYourService.US with Alan Gray owner of and the owner of that made ThankYouForYourService.US possible.

More info and pictures on these programs are at:

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