May 7, 2008

April 1, 2008 Talking With Heroes Overview

Talking with Heroes Talk Show gives military personnel an opportunity to share their mostly untold stories about the positive work they do worldwide. Guests also include leaders from military support and veterans groups, ministries, companies, entertainers and others who help support our troops and their families. The program is not about politics. We broadcast Sunday Nights on the StardustRadio.Com Internet network at 7pm CST.

On Our First Tour to Iraq our brave men and women talked about what they do to help the people in Iraq. We were at the grand opening of a school that opened because of over 10 months of hard work by theMinnesota National Guard and help from families back home. We were with Military Transition Teams and the Iraqi Army. We witnessed progress made with training. Some shared how faith and prayer helped with their deployments.

We went back to Iraq On Our Second Tour January 2007. Jim Martin, CEO of Altitude Sports and Entertainment Cable Network did the filming. We interviewed military personnel from the Air Force, Marine Corps, Minnesota National Guard, an Iraqi Air Force General and other Iraqis. We lived in Rawah, Iraq with our Marines and Iraqi Police. The training is working and effective.

Talking with Heroes went On the Road Tour in 2007 with live broadcasts in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Woodbury, Minnesota, Lexington, Kentucky, Colorado Springs, Garden Grove, Calif., San Antonio and Abilene, St Louis, MO, NYC with Microsoft and USO and Columbus, GA by Ft Benning. We interviewed local military heroes and local support groups that are leading the way in support for our military and their families.

We went back to Iraq Aug and Sept 2007, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, North Dakota National Guard in Baghdad, visited a Children Hospital, went to the Baghdad Airport, and visited buildings under construction in Baghdad. We visited a new Water Treatment Plant and interviewed Iraqis near Falluja. We were in Eastern Baghdad with the 2ID/2BCT from Ft Carson in Colorado Springs. We went on convoys and heard more about progress. We were with Marines in Camp Al Taqaddum in the Anbar Province. We met again with the Principal with the Marines in Habbaniyu Tourist Village near Camp Al Taqaddum and taped his progress report.

These are all on audio on the Internet, on Altitude Sports and Entertainment Cable TV and also on DVD’s. The talk show schedule pages for the interviews from Iraq, with pictures are at: Click on the small pictures to see more.

We offer high visibility on the talk show and on the website for those who help by becoming a sponsor from $25 to $100 and $500 and more. Sponsors have made the trips to Iraq and programs around the country possible. Check out our sponsor’s listings and also how to become a sponsor. We are seeking new sponsors so that we can make our fourth trip to Iraq and first to Afghanistan.

The American people can now hear many untold stories directly from our military personnel, civilians and Iraqis that there is in fact progress happening in Iraq. There are still criminals doing bad things but there is also a lot of progress. We believe the American people have a right to hear these stories. We invite everybody to help us get the word out to other Americans!

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