November 30, 2006

Going Back To Iraq!

Hello Everybody
I received a call today from the CEO of a company. We will be meeting next week. He will be going with me on the next two week trip to Iraq sometime in January. This is a huge development for our project. As soon as I get the green light to let everybody know who he is I will send out a newsletter and post it here too.
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The Cable Talk Shows from Iraq start airing Dec 2nd. All the cities in 10 states are posted on the Talking with Heroes Website. Help us get the word out!!
Bob Calvert, Host


Patti said...

this is great news...hoooaahhh

Molly said...

Hi Bob--congratulations on your plans to head back to Iraq! I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your work.
I have enjoyed getting your updates and hearing about your progress. I listened to your show from the Bear Cat Chapel in Iraq the other day, and I was deeply moved and was even brought to tears a few times both because of our Savior's love and the beautiful testimony of these soldiers. Last year I became good friends with a soldier in Iraq who roomed with a Chaplain and had a life-changing experience of sorts because of the deployment. So I am always touched by stories like this. Thank you also for your clear testimony for Christ! You're doing a fantastic job and congratulations your plans to go back to Iraq. May God bless and prosper your efforts and those of the troops you're supporting.
Merry Christmas!!

Bob Calvert said...

Thank you Molly and Patti
I am back in Colorado Springs as of Saturday. Today I was interviewed on the FOX TV station and it will air tonight at 9pm. I hope it will come out okay. I am trying to find somebody here in Colorado Springs to tape it for me so we can put it into our website.
Thanks again!!