August 28, 2007

August 22

FbL here again: I had been wondering why I wasn't hearing from Bob lately, but figured he was just out in the field without Internet access. Nope... apparently he was sending me emails at an account I check about once a month. *cringing* I've got a lot of catching up to do...

First thank you again FbL for spending so much time on posting our messages from Iraq. And thank you to Patti Bader and SoldiersAngels for making this third trip to Iraq possible.

We have moved around some via helicopters--my favorite means of transportation here. Although the last trip had a lot more movement to it, I was told they were evasive movements. We are seeing most of Baghdad from the air.

Before we left the Fallujah area, we had a great experience with PAO Norris USACE), the Army Corps of Engineers and the Marines. We went out to another area with a population of about 10,000 to 15,000, where a Water Treatment Plant was opening up. It is a very modern facility and the first of its kind in the area.

While we were recording information about the site, the local Iraqi Project Manager came in and agreed to go on camera. He thanked America for the help. With an interpreter from the security team who brought us there, he shared some about the plant and how thankful the people in the area are.

As we were conducting the interview and Jim was filming, an older man with five children appeared at the back gate. They were brought over to us, and he also thanked the American people. If you have been wondering what Iraqis have to say to us back in America, you will want to listen when the audio of all of this is ready to go online after we get back.

The children who accompanied the older man were all smiles. As we were getting ready to leave, I remembered that I had lollipops in my body armor pocket. They were definitely a hit with the children.

We took another convoy with the security team back to another area in Baghdad where we arrived last night. We will be with the 2ID/2BCT from Ft Carson in Colorado Springs, for a number of days. We are getting ready now to go out on our first mission to cover progress in this Eastern area of Baghdad (east of the Tigris River).

We may not have much access to the Internet while here, but will do our best to post more news as often as possible.

I can say that we are bringing back great progress stories. Major Sean Ryan gave a very good interview account of progress in this area last night, which will air shortly after we get back to America. I believe that as millions of Americans (with your help) hear these interviews, our pride in our brave men and women will be that much stronger.

Thank you for all the prayers. Please let others know about this blog.

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