August 22, 2007

Interview with an Iraqi Patriot

A sneak preview of Bob and Jim's work in Iraq: an Interview with Mohammad.

"Mohammad" was once a member of the Iraq military under Saddam, but now he's a Project Manager with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). In this interview he talks about his dreams for Iraq in terms of the construction industry and the infrastructure he is helping to restore.

What is most striking to hear is how mundane the interview is in many ways. Mohammad is an example of the universality of many human desires: he wants a nice house with nice furnishings, and good-paying work that he can take pride in. He is also looking at things around him as a typical businessman concerned with encouraging safety, construction standards, quality-control and professionalism among the local Iraqi contractors.

But overall, he's an Iraqi patriot with a vision for how all of the above fit into creating long-term safety and stability in Iraq.

He also shares his thoughts on what America has done in Iraq.

Don't miss this!

P.S. For background and more on the issues and vision Mohamed describes, see below:

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