September 2, 2007

Pictures from FOB Loyalty

These pictures were taken during and after the high-level Iraqi and Coalition meeting on FOB Loyalty that Bob and Jim attended (click for larger versions).*

Iraqi soldiers and Iraqi Major General Riyadh the Rusafa, the Iraq District Commander in the FOB Loyalty area of operations:

COL Swinford, MITT (Military Transition Teams) leader, speaking to Iraqi soldiers and Major General Riyadh. MITTs function as trainers/mentors for the Iraqi military, moving into backup roles as the Iraqi units become more capable.

Attending the meeting (seated from left to right below) are American Brigadier General Campbell, Iraqi military officers Lieutenant General Kareem, Major General Abdullah and Major General Riyadh, and British Major General Berragan:

Bob Calvert, host of Talking with Heroes, and Jim Martin, CEO of Altitude Sports and Entertainment, with members of the Iraqi Forces caravan who brought their leaders to the meeting:

An Iraqi soldier on guard in his vehicle:

*Pictures by Major Sean Ryan, Public Affairs Officer, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team


AirborneParaInf82 said...

I remeber this day. The chow hall was quite packed as was the parking lot with all their vechicles. Crazy to see someone else was here. Hope you enjoyed the stay and not the smell! ;)

Eight Deuce on the Loose

Dayngr said...

We want to show our support. Drop us a line over @ and let us know how we can.

Bob Calvert said...

Thank you Eight Deuce on the Loose.. Be Safe over their. It was a privilege to come back over again and interview many of your fellow military personnel and Iraqis.
Bob Calvert

Bob Calvert said...

Hello Dayngr
If you could email me your email address.
Bob Calvert

Anonymous said...

God bless us all.

- Gustavo G.

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Derick Peterson said...

Really nice blog! I always want to be a soldier! Thank you guys!

PAT said...

God bless you all over there and take care of my daughter Spc. Lynch who just got there a little over a week ago....she's little but mighty, in Jesus name!

First Lady P
08 nov 07