September 13, 2007

How to Help Talking with Heroes

Commenter "Dayngr" of Email Our Military asked awhile back how people could help Talking With Heroes. Bob replies...

One way that everybody can help is by becoming a sponsor. Levels of sponsorship begin as low as five dollars. Since I no longer have any personal funds of personal income everything I do is dependent now on sponsors. Sponsorship can include visibility on our talk show site and mention of the Sponsor on the radio show. It's a win-win situation for everybody.

To everybody who is interested in supporting our troops and in getting these stories out: we can all work together! It's not about me or any one person but about our country.

By the way, in about two weeks I am hoping to be able to announce a 10 state tour in the states, in which Altitude Sports and Entertainment will be airing the 30 minute edited programs from this last trip to Iraq on their cable network.


Jessica said...

What a great thing you've got here!!! I hope you keep up the good work. It's about time our military men and women are able to speak and have others to speak for them when they can't!


Anonymous said...

You people are doing good work.nice blog.Keep posting

Anonymous said...

Great word, Bob. You are doing a TREMENDOUS service!

It's a lot better than Kansas City (wink) isn't it?

Doc Burkhart
The 100 Goals
Fellowship of Christian Veterans

Bob Calvert said...

Thank you Jess, Tina and Doc for your comments.

This week we will be getting the interviews ready to air over the internet. We had our first interview of an Iraqi air last night.

The archive link should be on last nights talk show page by the end of the day for those who missed it.

Doc.. call me sometime when you get a chance.

Bob Calvert, Host

Anonymous said...

have you ever heard for war in ex-yugoslavia? masacres in places Srebrenica, Vukovar? In that war (1991-1995) were so many many heroes that nobody knows for them. masacre in srebrenica was the biggest masacre after ww2 in europe! try to imagine it.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to introduce myself.

Militant Omnitheist said...

I think its great what your doing with this blog. Go USA!